If you’re a businessman and have tried to enhance your business through the internet, you must have come across jargons like SEO, SEM, PPC, AdWords etc.
So let’s look at these jargons and make it simple for you.
SEOSearch Engine Optimisation is the process to ensure that your website is at the top of the Google ranking when someone searches online. The website that appears on the top of the list, when searched for, is most likely to use. Keywords play a huge role here, words that are searched.
SEM – Search Engine Marketing is also a part of SEO, but it’s a paid service. SEM implies that you have paid for the keywords for your product to be on top of the search list.
PPCPay Per Click is another form of paid advertisement. Earlier brands paid for advertising their products on channels like TV, hoardings or on slides in a cinema hall. This is a similar concept, except on a digital platform.
When the ads run on TV, the channels charge not for the duration of the advert (in minutes) but also for the time slot that it plays in. So you had to pay more to run ads at prime time as against late nights. But, with this format, you were never sure if your ad reached your target audience.
But with PPC, your ads appear only on the links that your target audience is accessing. This means that you don’t spray and pray and only communicate with the audience who is looking for your service.
AdWordsAdWords, as the name implies, are keywords used for advertising your service. All your competitors are targeting the same consumers. So what can you do to ensure that you are on top of the list in the search results?
You can opt for this paid service that will ensure that your website features higher in the results when a customer looks for it on the internet.
SEO is the most important factor here, as that determines the rank of your website and also increases your business. This is a natural process as the site with the most relevant words will feature on the top of the list.
SEM, PPC, and AdWords are all marketing strategies that are used to be on top of the list.
The Internet is the future of all business and it’s best to keep in touch with this technology to grow your business.