Be it a fairytale or fiction, stories are for everyone. We all love stories and we all have stories to share. Before social media was introduced to the internet world, storytelling was limited to the world of imagination but now the meaning of stories have changed, and for good. Today, its less of imagination and more of visualisation.

As we analyse the current scenario of the digital world, Facebook and Instagram stories have given a new look to the art of Storytelling, they are more enticing because they are not just limited to narration but also display a collection of images and short videos. The growing fondness of people towards the story section proves that the future of social media is definitely in Telling Stories, the digital way.

The biggest game for social media managers today is how to keep a track of their pages and how to keep the anxiety alive. That is what social media in Canberra is focusing on, lately. They encourage people to take guidance from local experts to understand social media marketing strategies.

In today’s world, people are enjoying filtering their lives through these stories, and as marketers, one should keep a track of what the users are consuming. It has been observed that these Facebook and Instagram stories are showing that there are two types of content used by consumers, one that is refined and planned, and the other absolutely raw and real.

That should be the real challenge for social media marketers, as every time they have to understand the content being used at different platforms. According to a survey, some time back, there were around 970 million people who posted Stories every day on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc and estimates say that it will keep on increasing in the near future.

The trend of Stories started with Snapchat which got very popular with the youngsters. But, then Instagram took over, and currently, is estimated to have a bigger audience. From the business point of view, more than 50 percent of the users create Instagram stories every month and the percentage is expected to increase over the coming months. That’s because sharing Stories is a better format for sharing multiple quick video clips throughout your day.

Increase in the use of Stories will help marketers on how to make products more demanding amongst consumers, as it shows the true journey of brand development and its success, which works as an inspiration.

Whether it’s the story of your life or your brand, the story will make your future because it’s the most powerful way to show the world…what you are and what you can achieve!