Are you been watched? Who is following you at every click? And the answer is Advertisers…it cannot be a coincidence, when you decided to do online shopping and searched for a particular dress, and when you are on a different search and suddenly you see the small window popping out showing the same dress which you searched for, on some other site.

The ads on the internet are following you. Internet in today’s world is a mashup that means, an application which combines data from different sources to one single service. When you start the search on the internet, there is content which is visible to you and some invisible content which constantly tracks your activities online. The big question is how this happens and what technology is being used which is constantly keeping a track of your searches, they know when your back and then accordingly they decide which ad to send you. These digital ads give an insight to internet marketing where Programmatic site retargeting plays an important role, it is the marketing strategy which targets the previous visitors of your site when they visit the internet.

Retargeting can also be referred to as remarketing; an online advertising to keep your brand on the top in the traffic even after the visitor has left the website. Retargeting can be of two types, pixel-based retargeting, a way to redisplay your material to an unidentified user and on the other side, list-based retargeting which only works when you have visitors contact information already in your database. Retargeting can be considered as a marketing strategy that can convert a window buyer to actual buyers. With the help of retargeting, your brand will be visible even after the user has left the website. If combined with Programmatic marketing, retargeting can serve as a powerful tool which can grow your business exponentially.

Programmatic marketing means ad buying in which a software has been used to buy digital advertisements. It is said that Programmatic marketing is the future of online advertising. The best thing about email retargeting is that it will work for those users who have shown interest in your brand in the past, which can benefit your product in a big way. According to a study, retargeting ads perform much better than the regular display ads, when it comes to the numbers, so what are we waiting for, let’s get started and let’s get retargeted.