In this fast-moving world, a business cannot limit itself to traditional marketing tools. It needs a digital transformation for increased visibility and reach. However, with so many digital marketing tools in the market, how does one decide which channel to choose?

Popular Digital Marketing Channels:

  1. Email Marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways of reaching out to a large target group and involves the use of E-mail IDs of potential customers collected through lead generation activities.
  2. Pay- Per- Click Advertising (PPC) addresses a highly targeted traffic of potential customers within a short period of time. It is important to use the right keywords to attract the right target segment.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves several activities like keyword research and on-page and off- page optimisation to bring up one’s brand name, whenever a consumer uses a search engine. Remember, it is imperative to use SEM along with your PPC channel. We need to keep display ads judgement neutral.
  4. Display Advertising refers to the placement of ads (banners, interactive ads) on relevant third party websites. Payments for these are usually based on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) which is more cost effective than PPC advertising.
  5. Social Media Marketing involves the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage the target audience.

How to choose the right digital media channel?
These digital tools can be used individually or as a part of a larger campaign to meet the defined business goals.

  • To increase brand awareness and escalate brand/ product recall, one can choose social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, engage with the audience on YouTube channels and use promotional campaigns.
  • To generate traffic, SEO and social media channels work best.
  • Blogging and Content Marketing can help new businesses/ products to educate potential customers.
  • Channels like SEO, PPC, Display Advertising, Blogging websites aid lead generation.
  • A host of e-commerce websites like Amazon and channels like Facebook Storefront/ Affiliate Marketing Networks can encourage sales generation.

The decision to choose the right digital media channel also depends on the distribution of the allocated budget. To create a good campaign, it is imperative to have the right digital media agency with creative, social, development and search skills. It also aids in running a digital health check on a regular basis to assess the health of the campaign.

Internet users, these days, are very smart. Thus, it is very important to make the message clear, direct and credible. Any good digital marketing campaign has to be centred on high quality and relevant content. It is an art mastered by Exalted Digital and can help your business design and run the right campaign.