Christmas is around the corner and so is our favourite Christmas office game. Secret Santa gift exchange can be tricky. You have to find something thoughtful yet inexpensive for someone you may or may not know. You might have picked the name of your favourite colleague, or your senior, or someone from another department who you barely know. So, let me gift you with a list of inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts, that will give you enough options for every kind of colleague.

  1. The One who Loves to Cook: Cookbook for a different cuisine, quirky oven mittens, pepper crushers that come in different shapes and sizes, apron with a quirky quote, colourful mason jars, personalized spoon
  2. The Reader: A book (the obvious answer), personalized notebook, bookend, favourite book quote framed, a set of bookmarks, classic hardcovers, personal library kit (to ensure they don’t lose their precious treasures), a mini book lamp
  3. The Organized One: Planner for the new year, a desk organizer to keep their desk neat, personalized card holder, desk nameplate, personalized mouse pad, laptop sleeve, personalized key ring, a pen with their name inscribed
  4. The Coffee Lover: Coffee flavoured chocolates, A jar of assorted cookies to go with their favourite coffee, a coffee mug with a quirky quote or even personalized with their name, a French press coffee maker, coffee beans scented candle
  5. The Alcohol Lover: Hip Flask, wine glasses, shot glasses, beer pong set, beer mugs, personalized beer bottle opener, cork opener
  6. The Spiritual One: Indoor plant, a mini zen garden, mug/ poster with a spiritual quote, oil diffuser, potpourri, a nice scented candle
  7. The Fashionable One: Scarf/ muffler, grooming kit, bath bombs, body scrub, fancy tote bags
  8. The Traveller: Sleep mask, travel pillow, travel mug, luggage and passport holder, travel sling
  9. The Fitness Lover: Fruit infuser water bottle, tickets to their favourite game, t-shirt from their favourite team, fitness journal, healthy cookbook,
  10. The Party Planner: Personalized Christmas tree decoration, board games, cocktail kit, serving board, coasters, Serving bowl, scented candles

Most of these gifts can be personalized with their name or picture and remember, nothing says ‘thoughtful’ more than a personalized gift. Now you have an extensive list of gifts for all kinds of colleagues. Just pick a name, pick a gift from the list and you are good to go! Be a good Santa and Merry Christmas from Exalted Digital!