Importance of Social Media Marketing.

It was not long time ago, that Facebook and Twitter were introduced to the world. What started as a way to find friends and connect with them, has today become a million dollar business.

Today, marketers swear by social media strategy. No matter what you are and what you wish to sell, social media acts as a tool to bring your brand on a platform, and at the same time, bring in the mullah.

Why Social Media

These days, not having a social media visibility is sacrilege. Research findings state that more and more users are spending a lot of their time on social media sites. They are not only using these channels for the usual interaction and catching up but also for their purchase decisions. In the digital space, social media is becoming the most important touch point for marketers and brands.

Let’s take a look at why social media marketing is detrimental to your business needs.

  1. Brand Awareness – About 91% marketers stated that their social media efforts inadvertently increased their brand visibility and user experience.
  2. Pocket-Friendly – Social media is the most cost effective way of advertising to a large targeted group.
  3. Consumer Engagement – Social media is a great place to turn a user into a visitor and a visitor into a loyal customer.
  4. Brand Loyalty – The brand connects immediately increases as you respond to consumers in real time.
  5. Customer Satisfaction – Since you are available as a brand all the customers are far more satisfied that their queries, pre and post-sale, will be met. 
  6. Marketplace awareness – Social media becomes a great touchpoint for brands to understand the needs and behavioural pattern of their potential users.
  7. Brand Authority – The more you show you care for your customer by way of customised posts, responses, coupons, etc., the higher in authority you become for him.
  8. Traffic Hike – Social media traffic inevitably increases your website traffic through blogs and white papers shared.
  9. SEO Rankings – The activity level of a brand on social media signals to the search engine to be more visible and on priority. 

While one cannot deny how important social media marketing is to startups and big brands alike, regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leads to a hike in trafficSEO, customer loyalty and satisfaction.