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Who We Are

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About Us

We’re passionate about helping you find your digital voice. We champion brands and bring them into the spotlight, find the perfect takers and help them stay loyal. We leverage your unique strengths to build strategic road maps and deliver the right customers to you. Our team offers unparalleled digital solutions, tailor made to suit your needs and we’re determined to see every job through to its success.

Exalted Digital is a one stop shop for all your digital marketing and content needs. If you are looking for experts in SEO, SEM, AdWords, Content Creation and Social Media marketing, look no further; we have it all covered.

Together with a network of partners and agencies, we help companies engage and communicate seamlessly with their customers.


Our Approach

Any agency or brand can churn out endless white noise for products and services, but this does no one any good. Unfortunately, even after this approach inevitably fails, the reflex is often to “turn up” the noise for better results rather than fine-tune it.

@Exalted, observing this approach has confirmed a long-held suspicion: just because an idea is louder or flashier, that doesn’t mean the message is being heard. To be heard, we have to be smarter not louder. This is expertly crafted disruption.

Expertly crafted disruption is so powerful, in part, because it’s so simple. If an idea isn’t disruptive or engaging enough to catch consumer attention, it’s only adding to the

white noise in the background. And, if it’s not expertly crafted to be smart and innovative, it’s falling on deaf ears – no matter how loudly you blare the message.

Our approach is targeted, and very simple. The most effective communication is to say things straight and simple. But we do that too with an ounce of creativity and a dollop of brand marketing science.

Digital space is vast and getting lost is easier. So, it is important to identify the right people who can do the right job for you.

Meet the team

KevinFounder and Chief Strategist
Kevin is a local digital marketing expert, specialising in SEO consultancy, social media marketing and content marketing. He’s the Founder and Managing Director of Exalted Digital, a Canberra based Digital Marketing agency, specialising in SEO.

Kevin has over 10 years of digital marketing experience and a strong foundation in client servicing backed by a Masters in Management with majors in Marketing.

Being a perfectionist, Kevin makes sure the client has his job done before the deadline. His efficiency with his work makes him a preferred strategist who treats each client job as his own. He makes sure every penny spent is worth the buck and promises future returns.

As a lead Digital Marketing Strategist for Exalted, Kevin has led online marketing programs in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Strategy and Online PR for B2B professional service companies. Currently, he manages all the SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy for the firm’s top clientele.

JessicaCreative Lead
Jessica Tanith is a graphic designer from Sydney, who bounces between Australia and the Americas with a laptop in tow, drawing inspiration from the laid-back beaches of Australia, to the urban streetscapes of New York City and the colourful food of Mexico. Specialising in branding and strategy, Jessica has worked with recognised brands such as Meriton Retail Precincts and Wynstan with a Y! as well as flourishing startups.
MahrukhContent Expert
Mahrukh Shah comes with a Masters Degree in English Literature and a total experience of 14 years in building content strategy, quality content creation and development.

Mahrukh has a keen eye for copy and a crazy bent of mind, along with strong industry networking. An avid reader, a music lover and with a passion for writing poetry, she has an OCD for everything organised. Humour being her strong point, Mahrukh makes sure she adds a little quirkiness to everything she pens.

She believes in well researched and optimised content that is an easy read yet serves the purpose.

As a content expert at Exalted, Mahrukh leads a team of writers who have a way with words. Multitasking seems to be her forte and she can swiftly jump between blogs, website content, social media content, creative ads, video scripts, etc.

ZeffiraSocial Media Expert
Zeffirra comes with an MBA in Strategy from the University of Nottingham and a total experience of 12 years in business operations and strategy. She started her career as a banker and has worked with one of the leading global private equity firms. A thinking human, a mythology enthusiast, a seeker, lover of all things creative, an organizing junkie, fashion lover, Zeffirra brings a variety of dimensions to her content. She believes that words are the currency of the web.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

We don’t do cookie cutter employees at Exalted, in fact we love people who have something new and exciting to offer. All we ask is that you share our enthusiasm for the work we do, and don’t mind a few interesting questions at your welcome lunch. Think this is you?

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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